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Heather Stanford CD(DONA)

This is a 40 minute 1-1 coaching call that includes a complimentary printable birth plan.

This video session will be all about creating your birth plan, customized just for you!

We will discuss your questions/concerns and go over your options. All information and resources will be evidence-based information so that you can make your own informed decisions.

At the end of the call, you should either have a completed birth plan or well on your way to it! You will feel more confident, prepared, and informed! 

This is a great option for someone who can't or isn't ready to commit to having a birth doula by their side. An affordable option to speak with a professional and begin educating yourself. 

Birth Planning Session

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$79| 40 minutes | printable birth plan

Informational Support

Emotional Support

Physical Support

As a doula I trust the birthing process and believe that you and your body know exactly how to birth. I provide evidence-based information so that you can make your own informed decision on how you decide to birth your baby. I will help you create a birth plan that fits what you want. 

Our mind/body connection is so powerful. My goal is to help you feel safe, loved, and in control. When your mind doesn't feel at ease, your body is so smart that it can stall labor. The more educated and prepared you are, the safer you will feel. When you trust your body and the process, you ease your mind. 

I am well educated on comfort measures to help you during labor. My goal is to help your birthing partner, help you. I will give guidance to your partner if they want to help. If they would rather not be involved I will provide comfort measures.  

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I will stick around after baby is born to help you get comfortable, and help with nursing if you need the assistance. I include one postpartum visit where we will go over your birth and I can answer any questions and help you process the day.  This day can often be a blur, I take notes and put a timeline together for you to look back on.

Birth Doula

starts at $899

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Benefits of a Birth Doula

Whether this is your first or sixth baby, the postpartum period is a major time of transition for you, your body, and your whole family. A postpartum doula helps with this transition. Similar to a birth doula, a postpartum doula provides emotional, physical, and informational support. 

These sessions are based off of what your needs are for the day. I could be helping with feeding support whether breastfeeding or bottle fed, light meal prepping, shopping, cleaning, caring for baby while you sleep, shower, or have quality time with your partner/other children. 

Postpartum Doula

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starting at $37/hour

In those first 12 weeks a mother should be waited on, served, and nurtured.

The journey from pregnancy to birth can be unpredictable and chaotic, but a journey all moms would relive again in a heartbeat.

But the rush of it all can cause moms to have memory gaps, leaving a new mom to feel lost and confused.

I’m here to remedy this by capturing all the moments of the delivery — from the happy to the stressed, to the messy to the afterglow.

Plus, as a certified Doula, you can rest assured that not only will you be receiving memorable snapshots, but an entire experience that will help you process and piece together your labor and delivery.

Birth Photography & Video

Other Sessions

A Glance into the Process


Birth Day

Birth Doula

We’ll have a consultation so that we can get to know each other and how I can support your goals during this significant time of your life.

I’ll meet you at your birthing location to document your special day. We’ll have all the details sorted out already so you can focus on being the strong mother you are.

As a Doula, I’ll also be there to assist you through the physical and emotional challenges, and overall be your advocate as you go through this life-changing journey.

All of my birthing sessions include me as your birth doula - if you wish. After the birth we’ll arrange a postpartum meeting so you’ll be able to process and digest the experience with a companion. This is a safe time and space to ask any questions you have, raise any concerns, or simply discuss your thoughts.

I also offer postpartum doula services  if you wish.

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Births are one of the most exciting events in life and the anticipation of wanting to see the finished photos can be difficult!
Once everything is finished, your photos will be uploaded onto a USB and packaged into a beautiful wooden custom keepsake box.
You will also have the option to purchase art from my signature line.

starts at $1599

You deserve these memories, mama.

What they're saying...

Heather was so helpful when creating a birth plan.

Heather was so helpful when creating a birth plan. I did a lot of reading but still didn’t feel prepared. Heather helped me think about things I didn’t even know I needed to think about. When I wasn’t sure how I felt about something, she sent me articles to read so that I could make an informed decision. I would absolutely recommend working with Heather to create a birth plan!

- Kate

I really cannot say enough good things about Heather.

She doubled as my doula and photographer for my little man’s birth and was not only an amazing support person, but an even better advocate for me during such a difficult and vulnerable time. She came to my home and helped me labor, walked around our block with us, providing her support and expertise in every scenario. Her continued support postpartum is more than I could’ve ever asked for. I cannot recommend her enough. She has such a special gift, and I am very fortunate I got the opportunity to take advantage of it.

- Amber

Having Heather at my birth was an intimate and magical experience.

I'm so thankful for my photos and the video is something I will always cherish. 10 out of 10 - I reccomend for any expectant parents.

- Victoria

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